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tv   Headline News  RT  June 25, 2014 11:00am-11:29am EDT

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pleasure to have you with us here today. libyans are voting for a new parliament but few are expected to turn out during the worst security crisis in years and public apathy towards the embattled government. that's us human rights watch reveals shocking details of the abuse of detainees by unaccountable militias across libya. russian lawmakers repealed permission to deploy troops to ukraine in a move to support peace efforts the council of europe tells r.t. it's a positive step. and in iraq battles with militants over a key oil refinery leave dozens dead as u.s. advisors start propping up the beleaguered army.
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seven pm in moscow you're watching international with me. libyans are choosing and new parliament amid the worst violence in the country since the revolution three years ago the turnout is expected to be low with less than a third of the population even registered to vote says mark it up he was toppled the libyan leadership's revolving door has seen hands of state come and go whoever is chosen to stand around will be the country's six leader in two years but the government still holds little sway over large parts of the country or breakaway militias are running rampant and there are also fears of a military coup after a rogue general garner popular support in fighting the militants here is artie's policy or it was a time when david cameron and his and eyes paraded the libyan revolution as a win for western democracy can and should match your courage we are proud
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of the role that we played to our we know this was your revolution from your bravery a time when tony blair's handshake with colonel gadhafi was conveniently forgotten and maybe now the british prime minister might want to forget that the libyan democratic project did not turn out quite as planned from the felipe is. all and the violence state was out political stability. how to internal security for its people always out security in its border the point of entry election is underway but the hand of the law seems very far away two months ago parliament was overrun by gunmen jihadists militias and gangsters have taken over the streets as the climate of fear intensifies a growing number of libyans look to jennifer leaf to have tom as the savior his
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supporters see him as the only man capable of crushing radical armed groups and building a national army the us excel has promised to rid the country of foreign fighters and with strong links to egypt's new president washington considers him a cia asset. but not contained with middling from a phone the united states has sparked outrage by seizing a libyan citizen from being ghazi. america came in and kidnapped a person we might have different opinions about him on a vis is a libyan citizen no matter who he's they can mean and keep someone from ghazi. but america's saying nothing america is not responsible for what happened in libya nor is it responsible for what's happening in iraq today how is were quick to praise themselves fully when michel if it's in libya and just as fast to disavow all responsibility in being gone see the bombed out ruins from general have times lost offensive are still smoldering libyans office treated but feel powerless even
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with voting slips in the hands the last time they had a revolution it did not turn out so well police here. now the twenty eleven uprising also assured and arab economic instability for libya oil production has dropped sharply and has so far failed to reach pre-revolution levels g.d.p. has risen but is back is back down rather now over poor levels of oil output and fears of another civil war the director of libya's first thing tank believes the country is ripe for a new conflict. difficulty is whether or not those that are chosen through the elections are respected boy by the collective will of the people with the militias or other on the groups you know respect the outcomes of an actual electoral process there are definite symptoms and libya that could. you know result in an civil conflict and complements troy's and come to the mix various militias and but
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amongst various cities. though i would say that's a very very new want conflict that it's it's mainly conflict over financial assets i wouldn't say it's a people who has people who are tired versus town all out on sloat and it wouldn't mimic the revolutionary violence that we saw or three years ago but i would say that there are some dangerous signs of the moment meanwhile human rights watch is warning of dire abuses in the every port based on interviews with detainees highlights torture jails including strip searches and beatings one of its author says the top security crisis in the country is no excuse for such violations we spoke with gerry simpson earlier he blamed unaccountable militias for the abuse. they spoke of being whipped with cables burned with cigarettes kicked in their heads suspended from trees with have feet and torsos whipped over prolonged periods of time women was searched by male guards and pusing intimate cavity searches and
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in eight of the nine senses we visited the conditions were appalling and amounted to inhuman and degrading treatment with sometimes hundreds of people crammed into a space meant for just a few different militia who have been integrated into the libyan interior ministry run different sentences some guards take bribes to release people and so it could well be that their violence is motivated by which to put pressure on the people to pay money to leave the sentence in other cases they don't take any bribes and they just detain people for months and times over a year in that case it could be that the abuses are simply fueled by what seems to be widespread alcohol abuse drug abuse by the guards and it could also be down to basic racism which is prevalent in libya what concerns us the most is that these detention centers don't seem to have any purpose even even if people are deported from the centers into neighboring countries and they were volver right back in libya's borders wide open and so it's very unclear what purpose these centers. so
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you were there t.v. to learn how the world's biggest war machine has toy soldiers and its arsenal. the u.s. deployed a doll to demonize its biggest nemesis we'll tell you about the playground tactics in the war on terror also why a green peas boss is daily commute is leaving environmentalist fuming we get to the bottom of the controversy shortly here on r t. a ceasefire between ukraine's military and protesters in the east is still in place but it's taking hard work to keep it that way it was declared after a series of consultations between the ukrainian leader and president vladimir putin at first activist fighting the war he rejected the idea calling it an ultimatum and an attempt to disarm down both sides have now agreed to lay down their weapons for a week in a move to ease tensions russia's parliament repealed a mandate to sandra crane should there be a threats to russian nationals there and now moscow hopes that can give will break
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the cease fire last past friday's deadline the number of ukrainian refugees in russia is now thought to be more than sixteen thousand many of those lost their homes during commutes military operation in the east which left some areas still cut off from electricity and water across the border in russia the refugees are sheltering in dozens of camps which have been set up by local authorities and volunteers as sporadic gunfire back home makes the ceasefire even more fragile ukrainians who decided to stay back fear they too will eventually be forced out are descended farmer discuss the crisis was ambros or the president of the council of europe's parliamentary assembly. this crisis has a tremendous impact on the human a tarion side of the people who are deeply displaced to take away the power of intervening military in russia by mr putin and then
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by the council of the federation is really a positive step which we welcome we should build on that step as well as the peace plan which was sure put the rest of the saying we are actually on that you ation there's the threat of further sanctions actually help the situation well the i did the sanctions the parliamentary assembly took and i only can speak for the parliamentary assembly of the council of europe we suspended the voting rights of the russian delegation and to take part in the executing body but we did not exclude them on the contrary we want them to to come and to work with us and i think that is important. in other developments the tyranny in regions that are branching out away from kiev are to partly merge as was joining forces today and
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scanlan ganske say they will create government bodies to operate as a federation stay with us as we continue to follow developments in ukraine on air and online. right to see. first street. and i would think that you're. on our reporters like they're. going. to be in the. iraqi army airstrikes early on wednesday reportedly killed at least thirty two people in the strategically important town of baiji that's were government forces are trying to fanned off militant attacks on the country's largest oil refinery that islamist group isis had earlier claimed had captured the facility the unrest has already led
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to a fuel crisis in some parts of the country washington is reluctant to send in troops more than one hundred u.s. military advisers are offering assistance british m.p. jeremy corbyn thinks it's western meddling that's driven iraq to the edge. the growth of the isis forces is a direct result of the overthrow of the entire system around saddam hussein and then the promotion of what has actually turned out to be very sectarian government in iraq ever since then and also the huge amounts of money that are available for the isis forces so we have what is developing into a very well funded civil war by controlling the oil resources or most of the oil resources of iraq from the isis forces the present hour at least the biggest refinery and that has caused panic buying and chaos in the rest of iraq but it also cuts off a huge element of financial support for the government of iraq and the long term stability of the country is very much in doubt because you now have two
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broadly really just sectarian forces fighting each other that was never the narrative in iraq before the. united states and britain and others invaded it was then a rather simply. secular country in the sense that the constitution was relatively secular the outlook is very very grim indeed and this is a consequence of western meddling. coming out turning space junk into earthly profits we'll look at lance turn saving satellites from debris into a big box business venture. i'm abby martin the stories we cover here are not a. story straight ahead like the same time there's a reason they don't want to know what you know. now let's break the
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set. russia's parliament votes to withdraw permission for russian troops to be deployed in ukraine to deescalate the crisis in the country's east star destabilisation and says libya heads to the polls to choose a new parliament amid bloodshed and chaos three years after the overthrow of gadhafi. greenpeace's left red faced as business flights by one of its bosses is a huge carbon footprint. but other media tends a blind eye to it you get a nazi. there's a media leave us so we leave that maybe. by the sea potions to cure the play your party is involved in their shoes that no one is asking with the guests that you deserve answers from it's all on politicking only on our t.v. .
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do we speak your language as anybody will or not a day of. school music programs and documentaries in spanish matters to you breaking news a little eternity of angola's kiddies stories. you hear. that all teach spanish find out more visit. welcome back to what you are to international now there are many ways to wage a war boots on the ground airstrikes drones and by plane toy soldiers use a laser reserve kids this last way was used by the u.s. in its war on terror and now explains. the toy market is
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a lucrative industry generating over eighty four billion dollars in global revenue and it makes sense everywhere around the world toys generally make kids happy except when the cia gets involved according to the washington post the spy agency concocted a plan in two thousand and five to develop osama bin ladin demon dolls aimed at scaring children and their parents to instill fear in families that would cause them to turn away from the real terrorists the twelve inch figurines were painted with a huge dissolving material designed to peel off and reveal a red faced demon like creature with pure c. and black facial markings the code name for the project was devil eyes the plan was to distribute the toys to changer in afghanistan and pakistan where the cia was trying to win hearts and minds the cia claims only three prototypes were developed
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for the project was canceled however a source tells the washington post that hundreds of bin ladin demon action figures were developed and sent to karate in two thousand and six although the cia did not move forward with the covert operation one of the creepy demon figures reportedly remains the agency's headquarters reporting from washington d.c. marina point are two. middle east analyst ahmed thinks are better ways of fighting terrorism then by scaring children with toys. psychological war or fear is. a weapon in the struggle in modern day war. but it's not the only. factor that defines these kinds of. measures that the usually the secret service or intelligence community takes in fighting terrorism however since
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these action figure toys were that active to children to try to create subliminally in the subconscious. is. or what he represents itself through i believe maybe a different approach like investing in need you cation of these children would yield much higher results greenpeace can also turn red in the face the organization campaigns for less air travel to cut down carbon emissions but a greenpeace executive has flown from luxembourg to amsterdam and back on a daily basis at the charity's expense since two thousand and twelve well let's forget the cost for a moment and take a look instead at what effect his travels have had on the environment and commute amounts to over seven tons of carbon dioxide emissions that's equivalent to three tons of recycled waste or one household annual interest in consumption brian hall they wrote a book about greenpeace policies that he believes often their words don't match
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their actions. most observers are probably saying it's hypocritical is especially when you hear executives defending it as as a compromise between you know the needs of the business and impacting the environment which is basically exactly what greenpeace others not to do but i assume that what people are upset about is greenpeace is very public about condemning other people for their decisions and their you know sort of environmental impact and then in private or behind closed doors is sort of doing whatever they personally think is best for personally benefits them and that's where you see charges that obviously of hypocrisy you know greenpeace because it has a noble mission or because they think they have a noble mission they are somehow. you know above the rules or can do whatever they think is right and that kind of relativity creates the problems like we're talking
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about now. on our website right now capitol hill's at loggerheads over aid for egypt yet again just months after a washington decided to revive its financial support for the african nation some in congress want to scratch learn why online plus. chile lu is strikes again your power house player has been caught lying rival players this time sinking his teeth into an italian during their world cup clash yes how the internet's reacting check out our team dot com for more. i realized game of space invaders is being played out over our heads but instead of humans vs aliens it's expensive satellites purchased space. with half a million pieces of debris whizzing around our planet there's everything to play for not least our earthly communication systems we spoke to japanese entrepreneur. things come up with
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a profitable solution to the problem. our daily lives depend a totally depended on the satellite on a city like technologies like communications weather broadcasting g.p.s. so we shared a key but that's this us it to be very sustainable we left to be moved top two hundred space the agree the largest distillery so that we guess tabulates the destiny of the in us this object the space and to do that we are now designing the castle to light which sixteen of us there were any big them down to their atmosphere and then and also the mothership which pains six to satellites the other for example if you're something like these lost by hitting by there were eight it would have taken what are five years to precede in more than one hundred millions to cover it so that huge. now take
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a look at some other stories from around the world and there's been a string of bomb attacks targeting rush hour commuters in cairo at least eight people have been injured homemade explosive devices were used in the blast which occurred inside four metro stations and a courthouse causing widespread panic there the first such attacks in cairo since last month's presidential election. israeli forces arrested a further seventeen palestinians who are now it as part of the ongoing crackdown on the west bank meanwhile in gaza and the air force bombed seven targets in response to militant rocket fire at israel the previous day which at least two people. the region has seen an increase in violence since the israelis his three israeli teenagers one missing in the west bank hundreds of palestinians have already been detained during the search operation. the new taking of spain's already got family issues less than a week after being crowned a court has upheld charges against his sister princes christina our tax fraud and
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of money laundering her husband allegedly embezzled millions of euros in public contracts with his business partner if she goes to trial the princess could face up to eleven years in prison. there have long been growing fears in britain of a tide of immigrants from romania and bulgaria after employment restrictions were lifted earlier this year it's estimated fifty thousand people a year could make it across a continent trip it's not all one way traffic though is going off explains why a sizeable number of brits are being drawn east. michael is british but spent most of his life outside the u.k. his father worked in the military and the family is doing its fair share of globetrotting but it's in the media where michael decided to settle down and open a border he's been running for five years now like the opportunities out of my life and my still the night life you know it's here. one of the reasons why i went into this business of the people. the climates the culture. you know and the medium seem
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more than welcoming since the beginning of this year they have been able to travel and work all over the e.u. some british deputies worried immigrants could start flooding in even suggested running a scare campaign to put them off coming to the u.k. there are many and press saw the letter side of the situation and started campaigning for british citizens to move here and work instead since romania's accession to the e.u. one thousand and seven brits no longer have to register when they move here so it's hard to say the exact number of them living here but according to the british embassy it's somewhere between three and four thousand and some have even made a business out of helping other newcomers to get started in this country like jean edgar another british ex-pat who left the u.k. eight years ago after his eighty company went bankrupt he makes a living here by helping other ex-pats register firms find staff buy property and offers other help of foreign businessmen may need when setting up shop rumania has a long long way to go before it could be perceived as let's say
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a western european type country but for a guy like myself yes i would recommend anyone to come here romania is far from the wealthiest of the e.u. states in fact with the average salary of less than four hundred euros per month it's one of the poorest but to the surprise of many word of a mass exodus of romanians to the rest of the e.u. this country has actually given thousands of westerners opportunities they couldn't find at home you got this kind of book arrest. after the break crosstalk on the fragile cease fire in eastern ukraine but if you are nikkei insight into how we bring you the news here at r.t. . well groomed to the policeman show thirty four countries spend over fifteen billion euros on pulled his head says to be one hundred fifty million degrees with some
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talk of much you'll sell from st petersburg to france the trouble in search of the song. knowledge and we've got the future covered. it was. it was nazi germany's minister of propaganda in the midst that he created exist to this day. propaganda was actually trying to denigrate other nations while at the same time raising ordinary german self-esteem splitting to. keep its use of goebbels new precisely what the masses need to hear in order to make them follow him he was like the paper from the fairy tale who made the rats follow the chain of this plight. the myths created by the chief nazi ideologist bound for tal saw in the west we have to fight these myths today in memory of those who walk in the second world war .
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and. the first series took place the tried to. pull out of. your life or destroy the teaching every minute of the book. the time a no no law no way of. life but. since. the base case is. sometimes from nothing the of this season and. it's not just you but still can still be just everything you see the stage eight look to be.
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but each other's hands to. move the the the. the . hello and welcome to cross talk where all things are considered i'm peter lavelle ukraine and the prospects of peace preliminary talks of a limited nature under way to avoid an all out civil war so it remains to be seen whether the regime in can visit areas today but one thing is certain violence only
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divides ukraine. cross-talk the situation in ukraine i'm joined by my guest. in washington he's director of the rice institute for serbian studies in columbus we have john quickly he is a professor emeritus at ohio state university who dealt with the crimea issue at the request of the state department and here in moscow we cross to erich krauss he's an independent political risk analyst all right gentlemen crosstalk rules in fact that means you can jump in anytime you want and i very much encouraged the boys to do we have a light at the end of the tunnel we have inform all. of the powers that be in care who are keeping their hands off it but there are some talks starting in ukraine about resolving this horrific crisis any optimism on your in your mind. unfortunately peter i'm not optimistic at all i think this is just a smokescreen to provide for another offensive against the two regions in the east
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i have not seen any sort of tangible proof that kiev is ready to negotiate and what is there to negotiate their so-called fifteen point peace plan is basically calling for unconditional surrender and because inauguration speech basically said he's not willing to condone any sort of federal is ation or equality in ukraine so i'm not really sure what is. to make out of this except for just another smokescreen john in colombia is the do you see this is a smokescreen because we had a number of conversations between putin and merkel in merkel and the french president hollande there's a lot of pressure now on camp to do something to start simmering this down we had also putin asked the federation council here in russia to withdraw the authority to send in russian troops to protect russian speakers and russians in in east ukraine i mean there's movement internationally there's some diplomacy happening.


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